Goals for the sixth grade theatre class
By the end of the quarter, the students will:
  • Gain experience being on stage.
  • Gain some comfort in a presentation situation.
  • Work as a productive member of a creative group.
  • Experiment with and demonstrate the process involved in creating a physical character based on the theories of Rudolph Laban and Tadashi Suzuki.
  • Understand and demonstrate the rules involved with improvisational theatre.
  • Loosen up!! School is stressful enough without all the tight muscles!
  • Discover creative and positive ways to deal with stress.

Sixth grade theatre classes are all about movement and physical drama. So much of the school day is spent sitting in a chair. This is an opportunity for students to get up and move around, expressing ideas, emotions and characters. The quarter begins with simply moving about. Group work presents a safe way for students to get up and move around without feeling the center of attention. As the quarter moves on, the movement is given more focus and purpose. By the end of the quarter the students are creating characters with stories, emotions and physical traits.