Ahhh parents. How can you help the Hamilton theatre program? Let me count the ways!

Set construction This could include working on the screens we have now, building a set piece from scratch or shopping! Check the rehearsal schedule page of this site to find out when we'll be working on the set. Bring those power tools! Join in on the fun!

Painting Anyone can wield a paintbrush or a roller. We often begin our set design by painting over the set from the previous play! Those of you with artistic talent can help out by creating and putting up the new design. This can often be done during a school day, during rehearsal, or scheduled on a Saturday when we'll have a work crew to help out (students).

Costuming This could be as involved as making the costumes from scratch, or as simple as visiting the local Goodwill. Shoppers unite!! Very often the costumes are modern, simple and straightforward. Every now and then, though, there is a character that needs something eye catching or unique.

Technology We have a sound board and a lighting board. We have rudimentary knowledge of both. Anyone with experience with either one would be GREATLY appreciated.

Are you redecorating? Do you need to get rid of a leather couch or comfy vinyl chair? How about carpet? The drama room would LOVE to give it a new home!

Before you get rid of a unique object, check with Ms. Nyhus to see if it's needed for a set piece or prop in a school play! Storage is limited, so we can't take large items, but you never know, that phone from the 1920's just might come in handy some time.