Each year, Hamilton puts on two performances: a Fall performance (November),and a Winter musical (February).
Each season, the project begins with an audition. This means that students will have an opportunity to show the director(s) what they are capable of on stage. Sometimes, the audition will be a cold reading. That means actors do not need to prepare anything. They come to the audition on the specified day and are given scenes to read from the script. Another form of audition allows students to show off a monologue that they have prepared in advance. Actors will be told ahead of time which process will be used for an audition.

Some things to think about during an audition:
We have a huge auditorium. Can I hear you in the back?
Are you speaking clearly? I want to be able to understand every single syllable. One rule of thumb - make sure you are saying the letter at the end of every word. It's not the way we usually speak, but it's imperative when you are in front of an audience.

I'm looking to see that you have made an effort to totally change into another person. Based on what you can discover from the script (and your research of the story), what kind of person is your character? Show it! Change the way you stand, and the way you speak. If your character is responding emotionally to the scene - let me see it. Exaggerate everything! It's theatre!!
You need to commit to the rehearsal schedule. Your character may not need to attend all rehearsals for the first few weeks. However, you MUST attend all rehearsals when you are scheduled! Rehearsals are from 2:40 - 4:15 (rehearsals closer to show time go longer). You need to be on time, and be picked up on time. If you try out for a sport, and cannot make all rehearsals, it may be a good idea to wait for the next play.