The Eighth grade theatre class
The eight grade classes are a bit different from the sixth and seventh in that the students are able to select which classes they attend, and the classes continue for the full semester. By eighth grade, students have begun to feel the pull of specific electives. By giving them the choice, we hope to end up with a room full of students who are excited to dig deeper into the subject matter and further hone the skills and talents they have discovered the previous two´╗┐ years.

Devising Theatre
Students in this class will discuss and select a topic of import they wish to research. After journaling, discussing and reading other plays about this topic, the class will begin improvisation activities involving situations pertinent to the topic. When characters and scenes begin to develop, and a story takes shape, we will write our own theatre piece to present to the Hamilton community in an evening performance in December.
By the end of the semester students will:
Discuss the structure of a script.
Analyse a script for mood, story, backstory, characterization and relationships.
Create a character with a backstory, emotions and reactions to situation.
Discuss and demonstrate the rules of improvisational theatre.
Become a member of a functioning, purposeful, creative body of actors